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Oberkassel Dusseldorf

Oberkassel is located in Düsseldorf’s district 4 and has a population of around 17,000 people. Oberkassel is located on the west bank of the Rhine, opposite Düsseldorf’s downtown area. Oberkassel is a prosperous borough in terms of economics. 

Leafy Oberkassel is a posh residential area centered on the green Rheinwiesen park on the Rhine’s banks, with views of the old town. The park also plays home to events such as the popular Rheinkirmes summer carnival. Designer boutiques, homeware shops, and organic food stores, as well as wine bars, Italian cafes, and fine dining restaurants and Dinner date with your Escort, are housed in elegant early-nineteenth-century structures along Luegallee Boulevard. 

Oberkassel, located on the Rhine’s right bank, has a wonderful riverwalk. If you stroll in the morning and afternoon, the sun will shine on the left bank by the Aldstadt. The views of the left bank as you go from Oberkassel are spectacular and diverse, ranging from the 1920s Tonhalle to the famous Ergo building, its easy way to find your hooker. It’s also entertaining to see the barges float beneath you. The views of Aldstadt from the Luegallee bridge never get old. If you go along the streets on the left side of Luegallee with your back to the river, you will come across several classic ‘Oberkassel’ type structures. The majority of them are pre-war structures constructed shortly after the bridge between the left bank and Oberkassel was erected in 1898. Be aware that there will be some odd 1950s/60s residential blocks interspersed among the older structures, as some did not escape the Allied air attacks.

The Düsseldorf’s Resurrection Church is a church located at Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. If you’re a fan of architecture and religious history then this is a site you must see. The architecture of the residences on Dusseldorf St. is amazing here you can walk with your Whore and talk. Oberkassel has two magnificent churches. Architects Verheyen and SanMar designed the Evangelische Auferstehungskirche on Quirinstr./Arnulfstr. in 1913/14. The St.Antonius church, erected in 1911, can’t be missed on Luegallee’s main street.

A culinary wonderland, which takes up a whole plaza just south of the Old Town, attracts both locals and tourists. Vendors sell local vegetables, meats and cheese, freshly baked items, and more potato varieties than you ever thought existed beneath a glass canopy. You may also eat a variety of international specialties such as currywurst, daal, and crêpes. Gourmet souvenirs such as dried beans from Inka & Mehl, spices from Kräuterhexe, and coffee (roasted on-site) from Kaffee Rich are available at the market. Oh, and that line at the Fischhaus Obst stand is for its fantastic fish soup with your Adult partner. Be sure to join it.

If you’re planning on staying in town then the Hotel Arosa is the ideal pick in Oberkassel. If you Feel Alone in a hotel room you can book an Escort from karry Escort Dusseldorf near Oberkassel . Expect comfortable, uniquely decorated and furnished rooms with a creative flare. Every morning, breakfast is served in the elegant breakfast area. On-site parking is available, and WiFi is offered for free. The U-Bahn connects Belsenplatz to Dusseldorf’s Old Town and major railway station in about 10 minutes. Many restaurants and bars are within walking distance of the Arosa, as are distinctive small shops, galleries, and fine foods stores, as well as the weekly market.