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Niederkassel Dusseldorf

Niederkassel is a borough of Düsseldorf, Germany. It is situated on the Rhine’s western bank, near Oberkassel and Lörick. When the Oberkassel Bridge opened in 1898, it was connected to Düsseldorf. It was formerly part of the Heerdt district until Heerdt was absorbed into Düsseldorf in 1909.

 Oberkassel and Niederkassel were attractive sites for artist’s residencies at the turn of the twentieth century, thanks to the national arts exhibition in Düsseldorf in 1902. In Niederkassel, an annual barrel race has been conducted since 1887. The barrels are transported on special handcarts known as “Schörskar.” In Düsseldorf, there is a church called St. Anna. St. Anna is located near Resurrection Church in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel. Niederkassel was formerly a rural area that has now grown into an affluent city district. Alt-Niederkassel still has ancient courtyards and homes. Some of the structures are listed and have been refurbished properly. Near the Rheinaue, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring is primarily made up of single and two-family homes. Large townhouses can also be found here on occasion. These are some of Düsseldorf’s greatest residential addresses. There are also medium-sized residential complexes with many parks in Niederkassel.

Oberkassel and Niederkassel were attractive places to dwell for the Japanese population in Germany in the 1970s. The Japanese School of Düsseldorf’s permanent campus in Niederkassel opened in 1973. The Ek House, a Japanese cultural institution featuring a traditional Japanese tea house and a Buddhist temple, established in 1993. Locals refer to Niederkassel as “Klein-Tokio” which translates to “Little Tokyo”. Japanviertel or the Japan district, located around Immermannstraße, is a busy commercial area crowded with stores selling colorful kimonos and waving cats, sushi and karaoke bars, Japanese and Korean restaurants, and Asian groceries. Takumi, at Immermannstraße 28, in the Japan neighborhood, is one of the greatest places in town for ramen, as demonstrated by the line that forms outside every day at midday. The Japaniche Club is a Japanese-style club that is part of the city’s oldest business. The club was formed in 1964 and currently has 5000 members. It is Düsseldorf’s largest club, and the club wishes to assist all Japanese citizens in the city. Here you can book your Party girl in this club Karry Escort gives you Club Entertainment with our beautiful Ladies There is a sports program as well as a cultural program. A Japanese library is also available. Keeping in touch with Germans is also essential to the club. Parties, for example, are arranged in collaboration with other organisations in Düsseldorf.

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