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Lohausen Düsseldorf

Lohausen is located on the city’s northwestern outskirts, and the following districts border it: Lichtenbroich, Unterrath, Stockum, Kalkum, and Kaiserswerth. Lohausen is likewise located in the northern Rhine Valley, with Meerbusch-Ilverich serving as the Rhine’s boundary. Ratingen-Tiefenbroich has an eastern boundary with Lohausen. The district is the third largest in Düsseldorf in terms of land area. 

Lohausen appears for the first time in 1047, as Lohuson iuxta Werthe. St. Mariä Himmelfahrt is a Romanesque-style Catholic church in the Lohausen neighborhood. The church is made of bricks, and the foundation stone was placed in 1899. Lantzsch Park is a lovely park in Düsseldorf with a size of 14.5 hectares. It lies in the Lohausen area, and Heinrich Balthasar Lantz purchased the Lohausen knight’s seat in 1804. He inherited the seat of Ferdinand Freiherr von Calcium, commonly known as Lohausen. A home for the Lantz family is thought to have been erected between 1805 and 1806. The house was most likely constructed on the foundations of the old moated fortress. Between 1878 and 1879, the Lantz family had a funeral chapel erected. The park was built across three distinct time periods. The park’s major feature was an ancient woodland tract. Agriculture is still maintained in Lohausen, giving the area a particular character. The Rhine has a water protection area, and the Rhine dike has been in need of repair since 2003. Lohausen boasts a plethora of recreational opportunities, particularly for horseback riders and tennis players. As a result, these amenities are a popular trip destination. The airport is located to the east of Lohausen, however there is no access to the airport from the district’s housing developments. Traffic connects Düsseldorf’s airport to Unterrath. You can get your Callgirl from Karry Escort. In Lohausen, there is a pedestrian and cycling connection that is linked by a bridge across the highway.

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