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Düsseldorf300 - a long-distance ride on a racing bike

Düsseldorf300 - A Long-Distance Ride on a Racing Bike

Düsseldorf300 is finally happening on Jun 27, 2021 – Jun 28, 2021. Start at between 5 a.m. also, 8 a.m., contingent upon which of the two-course lengths (200 kilometers or 300 kilometers) you drive with your lustful Escort. You start alone or with a little group of your best cycling with Adult companions. An entire day in the seat. From the Bergisches Land to the Dutch boundary, from the Ruhrpott to the Lower Rhine Plain, 300km around the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia!

Five reward stations in transit, toward the completion a combination of adrenaline, satisfaction, depletion, and elation. Callgirls Companions near you, travelers, lager, and pasta in the yard of the cap. A day for every individual who is in the state of mind for something exceptional. For some it is franticness, for other people, it is unadulterated fun. Reality lies in the middle. 

Start & Finish

from 5:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. for the 300-kilometer course 

from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for the 200-kilometer course 

each from stylish cap 

until 10:00 p.m. Likewise decent cap.


by means of GPS route information, we will send the course to all members a couple of days ahead of time by email.

You can begin alone or with your best cycling companions. A 300 cap for the saints of the course. What’s more, a little starter bundle that makes your life in a hurry simpler. The current guidelines apply to Düsseldorf300, a significant distance ride in collaboration between Cyclingclub Düsseldorf eV and SCHICKE MÜTZE GmbH. By enrolling for and taking an interest in Düsseldorf300, each member acknowledges these guidelines. Each member is obliged to acclimate himself with the substance of the states of interest, to acknowledge them and to follow their substance. The preparation of the coordinators before the excursion can just contain portions of these gathering rules & you can enjou your escort partner Ride Face to Face Kissing.

The Requirements for the Participation

Düsseldorf300 is available to all novice and sporting cyclists who have arrived at the age of 18 and are more established. Minors from the age of 14 require a composed announcement of assent from their legitimate gatekeeper. Club participation in the Cycling Club with Karry Escort Düsseldorf or some other (cycling) club isn’t needed. 

Members partake in Düsseldorf300 at their own risk. 

By taking part, every driver attempts to check his well being prerequisites himself, if fundamental by consulting a specialist and to have the option to demonstrate this upon demand. 

Bike head protectors are compulsory for each member. The protective cap should have the seal of a perceived testing foundation (for example Racket standard 33954, EN 1078, CE 2006, SNEL and/or ANSI standard, EC or GS). 

The member knows that Düsseldorf300 is an occasion that happens in open street traffic on non-cordoned off or got courses and hence contains an expanded danger potential, at which harm can’t be precluded notwithstanding the vital consideration. 

The material recorded underneath is explicitly restricted: 

E-bicycles, e-bikes, and so forth 

Bike trailers, all things considered, 

Drinking bottles are made of aluminum, glass, or different materials that are not effortlessly twisted or delicate.