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10 of the Best Exclusive Dusseldorf Clubs where you can go with your escort

10 of the Best Exclusive Dusseldorf Clubs where you can go with your escort – 
Who doesn’t love a night out where you can let go of all of your worries and stress to dance the night away? Here are the 10 best and most exclusive clubs in Dusseldorf you must visit where you can do just that!

Salon des Amateurs

A 70s vibe is created by wood panel walls, a checkered carpet, leather chairs, and sleek furniture. As a Café, pub, cafe, nightclub, and art gallery, The Salon has rapidly become one of Düsseldorf’s most successful venues, attracting a trendy and artsy crowd. Have a cocktail with your escort dusseldorf.

Cubanito’s Bar

This famous lounge bar and club in the Altstadt offers a wide range of cocktails that can spice up a crowd. As the DJ spins his songs, you’re bound to get a few free shots from happy dancers.

Château Rikx

The Château Rikx is known for its diverse clientele and wild party nights. The small club is a pub/bar/café/club with a defiant atmosphere. The venue relies on smashing party noises and fills a void in the city’s otherwise trendy party scene.


This club is situated in Dusseldorf’s industrial suburbs and is extremely successful. It is one of the city’s biggest dance clubs, playing a wide range of music and featuring a variety of DJs and themes for everyone’s enjoyment.

Club Bohème

This club is a part of the Schlösser Quartier Bohème complex, which includes a restaurant, pub, club, and cultural event venue. Renowned DJs and other top acts offer rhythm, funk, and house sounds, as well as party hits, at club nights.


Looking for something different? This club features a rare blend of industrial and punk music in addition to standard club music to which you can rock out. Enjoy a drink at this dark and mysterious nightclub.

The Tube

The Tube is a punk rock venue, but the music heard at live concerts and nights out has expanded. Band posters and stickers still adorn the walls, and the venue remains a common hangout, if not the ideal location for lovers of easy listening.

Jackie O

The bar, formerly known as ‘Sam’s,’ was a notorious hangout for celebrities and made international headlines. The Düsseldorf in-crowd now forms a line outside Jackie O to experience dance and electronic music in the trendy basement venue. This establishment caters to those who value first-rate food, a discreet atmosphere, and champagne.


The chic cocktail bar and nightclub are known for its laid-back feel, and visitors come here to listen to soul and funk music. Guests descend into the vaulted cellar of the Mauer-Club, which has been meticulously furnished. Anyone that doesn’t want to dance should relax in the alcove seats and drink a cocktail.

Salon des Amateurs

This club is well-known for its relaxed vibes and serves as an exhibition hall during the day and a club and bar at night. They frequently have a variety of DJs spinning late into the night, allowing you to party the night away with ease.